AutoGauge Turbo Timer for Naturally Aspirated(NA) and TURBO engine (VOLT/TIMER/A.F)

AED 320.00

This turbo timer has automatic timer to help you prolong the life of your engine and turbo, plus has a voltage meter built in too at a really decent price,
Offers all out protection to engine.: Lower the temperature of the water engine to prevent engine oil from dry heating and carbon amassment

Package include:
– Autogauge turbo timer module,
– wire harness,
– installation manual

Professional Installation is recommended Essential for turbo car, suitable for NA car too Autogauge Turbo Timer is made with high standard of Engineering

Fully Automatic Turbo Timer

– Battery Voltage
– O2 sensor Voltage
– Air / Fuel Ratio
– LED lighting
– Compact Design
– Comes complete with all necessary fitting kits

Category: Electronics Brand: Autogauge