H&R Wheel Spacer for Toyota Land Cruiser 25mm, 30mm, 35mm

AED 900.00

These H&R Alloy Wheel Spacers are well known worldwide for their outstanding quality and value. Manufactured by H&R in Germany, these wheel spacers are crafted from aircraft alloy and are extremely easy to fit to your vehicle. By increasing the track on your vehicle you will immediately notice two things, firstly the car looks more aggressive and more importantly the handling will be better. Increased wheel track equates to an increased stability. We supply various sizes of wheel spacer from 3mm-45mm and all spacers are priced and supplied as a pair. The measurement given is the overall track widening for the vehicle. For example a 20mm set of spacers will widen the track by 10mm per wheel.

DRM Series® spacers bolt to the hub with existing wheel studs and special nuts (included). Wheel is bolted to new DRM wheel studs.

Available Sizes:

  • 25mm – AED900
  • 30mm – AED950
  • 35mm – AED1050


Features and Specification
  • PCD: 5x150cm
  • Bore: 110cm
  • Pitch: M14x1.5
Category: Wheels Brand: H&R