Koyorad Racing Radiator for Nissan GTR R34 RB26DETT – KL020879R

AED 1,800.00

Koyo aluminum racing radiators are designed to be direct factory replacement units. Koyo racing radiator features a much thicker core with a more efficient fin design that helps with flow and temperature drop over the surface.
Koyo is Japans largest aftermarket radiator manufacturer, utilizing the latest aircraft quality aluminum and Heli-arc welded. Heli-arc soldering is the highest quality standard for enforcement along aluminum connections.
We advise you to always check fitment before purchasing. This part is application specific.

Koyorad offers different core sizes for different cars. Most common are 36mm, 48mm and 53mm.
In general we would advise 36/48mm for street use up to 500BHP and 53mm for professional use on dragstrips, racetracks and drifting, or streetuse for cars with 500+ BHP. This is just a general guideline, each project/car will demand very specific cooling capabilities and we recommend you to verify with your tuner what model is best for your application/goal.

The images we use on this website are not car/product specific but universal. This means the actual radiator for your car will look different than the pictures you see. So the in/out tubing, sizes, and fillercap position are just shown as example. Of course the actual product you buy will be car specific and have the correct dimensions and positions for the model you selected.

Item Number: KL020879R
Alternative Item Number: R020879
Engine: RB26DETT
Chassis: GF-BNR34
Dimensions (mm): 450* 672* 53
Oem Code:
Core Size (mm): 53

Category: Cooling Brand: Koyorad