OMP Tow Hook EB/571

AED 195.00

Stainless steel 50mm (2 inch) ID tow hook with 12mm x 140mm (7/16″ x 5 1/2″) stud with 12 x 1.75mm right hand thread (70mm thread length). The 6mm (1/4″) thick loop swivels to hang down for safety when not in use. Powder-coated in high-visibility FIA yellow. Sold individually; supplied complete with jamnut, locknut, and 2 flat washers. Complies with FIA Appendix J, Article 253 requirements.

How strong is this tow hook?  OMP tests the strength of their tow hooks by simulating the load of the heaviest FIA GT car being towed out of a gravel trap. The hook is bolted to a rigid test fixture and then subjected to a series of 5 loads of 2400 kg (5280 lb), plus 3 further pulls at a speed of 100 mm / min (4 inches per second). If the hook breaks, it does not pass!

Category: Body Kits and accessories Brand: OMP